Behind the Scenes: Mason Jar Meals Photoshoot

FullSizeRender_4Mason jars are not just for hipsters. Mason jars are a perfect vehicle for anything from parfaits to salads to burritos.

IMG_4467 For my senior capstone, my class and I are creating Syracuse University’s first food app! The app, which is slated for release this summer, is called The Slice and it is going to be really cool. I’ve been super busy working as a vertical editor for the “Pantry” section of the magazine, which is the service-y section of the mag that will teach readers skills ranging from how to perfectly pair wines to…how to make a meal in a mason jar!

This week, me and another girl from our class shot the mason jar meals for the magazine. I was pretty nervous about it because we hadn’t had a chance to actually practice making the mason jar meals before the shoot. We had a plan for what we would need for each meal, broke the list up, and hit the dining halls to stock up on all the groceries.


IMG_4480Producing this shoot was SO much fun. I think the fact that we didn’t really have a perfect plan before hand made the shoot turn out even better. We were free to just go with what was working at the moment instead of following a hard and fast plan. The recipe we free-styled the most was the dessert.

IMG_4477We really didn’t have a plan with where we were going with that other than it was going to be chocolatey and delicious–and I think it looks the best of them all! The recipe I would most like to eat was the Greek Salad Jar, yum!

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Hi! I'm Katie. I’m happiest when I’m exploring new places, lying on the beach or eating fresh foods (and if that were all to happen at once, I’d be set!).

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