How to Find the Noosa Fairy Pools

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The Noosa National Park is 100% a must do if you are ever on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. It is such a great and relatively easy walk with view after view that will take your breath away!

If you’re visiting Noosa, check out my ultimate guide to Noosa, Sunshine Coast!

There are a few different walking routes you can take through the National Park but the most popular one by far is the coastal walk. One of the coolest spots on the walk are the Fairy Pools which, apparently, were pretty much a local secret until they became a popular Instagram spot for locals and visitors alike. They’re basically a giant rock formation that makes a little pool.

If you follow the coastal walk all the way to Hell’s Gates (actually really pretty and not nearly as menacing as it sounds) the Fairy Pools are not far behind. Just before you reach Hell’s Gates you’ll come across a bench facing out to the ocean.


Someone has (helpfully) graffitied on this sign in case you aren’t sure if you’ve found the right bench or not…


From there you have to do a bit of a scramble down the rocks in order to reach the pools.

And then you get views like these!


Instagram has made this spot pretty popular with backpackers and other tourists so on a sunny Saturday you can expect a small crowd. On week days, though, you may find you have the place to yourself!

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