VIDEO: Backpacking Australia’s East Coast

Here it is! 10 months of backpacking the East Coast of Australia with Ultimate Oz and Loka Travel wrapped up into an 8 minute video.

Lewis and I started our journey in Sydney, NSW and ended in Cairns, QLD and loved every second in between. If you’re considering doing a working holiday in Australia, DO IT.

“Hope when the moment comes You’ll say I did it all… I owned every second that this world could give I saw so many places The things that I did Yeah, with every broken bone I swear I lived Hope that you spend your days But they all add up And when that sun goes down Hope you raise your cup”

★Read more about my adventures in Australia here:

Ultimate Backpacker’s Guide to Sydney

Magnetic Island Guide

Ultimate Guide to Noosa

★EQUIPMENT USED: GoPro Hero3+ Silver

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Hi! I'm Katie. I’m happiest when I’m exploring new places, lying on the beach or eating fresh foods (and if that were all to happen at once, I’d be set!).

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