5 Essentials I Never Travel Without (And 5 Bonus Items)

2 years: 6 countries, countless plane rides, hotel rooms, buses, trains, boats… it’s taken a while but I’ve finally got my packing essentials DOWN and they’re not changing anytime soon. Take my word for it, these are the the things you will never catch me traveling without.

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What I Wish I Knew: Advice for Studying Abroad

Top tips for studying abroad in London, Florence or Australia.

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5 Pieces of Packing Advice I Wish I Hadn’t Ignored

As I am nearing the end of my working holiday year I’ve got to dust off my 65L massive Osprey backpack and figure out how to cram all my stuff back into it. Turns out I’ve accumulated quite a lot of stuff over the last 9 months and it’s time to pick through the items […]

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