I hope you love this video as much as I do! SO many fantastic memories from this trip already! I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to change it to 720 or 1080p on the settings when you watch it–makes it look all the better!! xo

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Two Week Update


Somehow we’ve been on the road for two weeks now and it has both felt like two years and two seconds. Funny how that happens.  We’ve done absolutely loads in the last two weeks and now we’ve got a few days in Sydney to just chill out before we have another wild 16 days ahead […]

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Your Plans Will Change


“Your plans will change every three seconds while you’re travelling.” They told us that during the work and travel talk earlier this week and it has proven true many times already.  When we left America Lewis and I hadn’t planned much past the Ultimate week. Roughly, we expected to travel northwards and start looking for […]

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Ultimate Oz Week Pt2


This week has been so crazy and packed with fun activities I haven’t had a chance to write so here’s an update on how the last week has gone. In a word, AMAZING!!! Seriously, Ultimate has been such a great decision I am SO glad we decided to do it and I literally don’t know […]

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First Days in Sydney & Ultimate OZ


We’ve made it!! We landed in Sydney late Saturday night and took a cab to our Airbnb in Maroubra. It was a little weird showing up for our first Airbnb so late at night without cell service and without really knowing where we were going. The cab pulled up to the address, dropped us off […]

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48 Hours in Dubai – Videos!

Here are my videos from Dubai! The first one is more of a highlight reel and the second is something that’s a bit more for my own personal memory but thought I’d still post it here as it is sort of cool. Enjoy!

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What’s In My Backpack: Packing for a Year in Australia


I AM OVERPACKED AND I KNOW IT. I’ve spent the past eight months watching hours of YouTube about real, professional, minimalist travelers. These people go on and on about how they only have one pair of shorts and like two shirts and that’s more than enough for their RTW 3-year long trip to arctic and subtropical climates. However, that […]

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48 Hours in Dubai!


I don’t even know where to begin to describe our whirlwind trip to Dubai, what an amazing place. It feels like we were there for one extremely long day or an entire week–I’ve pretty much lost all sense of time haha. I’ll start from the beginning. On Wednesday morning I woke at 5am (one last […]

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Two Weeks to OZ!

Two weeks to oz

Two weeks from tomorrow I will be at the airport waiting to board my flight to Australia! It still doesn’t feel like a real thing that’s actually going to happen. Lewis is home in England, my best friend in town is off on a cross-country road trip, and everyone else I know is busy working and […]

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Working Holidays in Australia: Pre-Departure Costs


When I first started thinking about going traveling the first things I wanted to do were the fun things: spending hours on YouTube, day dreaming on Pinterest, and telling all my friends. Then came the not as fun part: paying for it. Here’s a breakdown of the major unavoidable expenses that come with a year working holiday […]

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