Hi hiiii. Where to begin? I feel like my last post got pretty deep and this one may be a bit of a downer as well. Let’s start with the positives: If the first 12 days of 2017 are any indication of what the rest of my year in travel is going to look like […]

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Finding Balance and Happiness in 2016


I feel a little weird posting this because I feel like every other post I see on social media is full of negativity for 2016… there’s even a fake horror film trailer depicting how terrible this year was.  But 2016 has been, without a doubt, my best year ever. I think it’s true that sometimes […]

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100 Things I Learned in 100 Days of Travel


It’s been 100 days since I left home on my year long adventure around the world and I’ve already learned so much more than any class has ever taught me. Take LOADS of pictures and videos. Just when you think you have enough, take double what you already have. Buying food from grocery stores will alway […]

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I Love Australia’s Minimum Wage & Other Updates


Thanksgiving away from home was a little weird considering I’ve been doing the same things for Thanksgiving for the last 23 years. I cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner of Thanksgiving chicken (haha), green beans and shallots, mashed potatoes and a homemade apple crisp and it turned out really well!!  It’s nearly impossible to get into the […]

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Finding Jobs & Housing in Australia: The Struggle is REAL


The undercurrent of discrimination towards backpackers here is coming as a shock. It’s not really noticeable at first because Australians appreciate the tourism and economy boost that backpackers and travelers bring to the area. Day-to-day Australians are super nice and totally welcoming. But any potential employers and real estate agents are so so untrusting of us. I […]

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Two Month Update


It’s been two months! Here’s a list of random thoughts/things I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that I’ve been keeping on the notes section of my iPhone for your reading entertainment. Two months later and I think I’ve only just gotten over the dehydration from the flight out here. Not being dramatic. I would […]

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Holy cow have I had a hard time uploading this video! Wi-fi in Australia gets 2 big thumbs down. Fraser Island on the other hand gets all the thumbs up haha. Hands down the best weekend we have had in Australia so far! From speeding down remote beaches in our own 4WDs, a scenic sea […]

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I have been waiting to post until I have good news… I didn’t realize I was going to have to wait this long!!! There is SO much to catch up on and now that I feel like the wait is over I have a lot of posts coming up! I still haven’t written about Fraser […]

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Where We’ve Stayed: Australia

New South Wales: Vilma’s Airbnb – Maroubra, Sydney Type of accommodation: Airbnb My rating: 7/10 Vilma’s was a bit far away from Sydney CBD but it was easy enough to get the bus in for the day as long as you were planning on being out for the whole day. Vilma and her daughter were […]

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